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Based upon your current perception of marketing, how would you define marketing a) from a personal view and b) based on the function of marketing within your organization? What are the top three marketing challenges faced by the organization? What impact does marketing have/ could have on organizational success?

Select an organization with which you are familiar. How does your selected organization use the different components of the marketing mix? How does the marketing mix affect the development of your selected organization s marketing strategy and tactics? How can your selected organization use quantifiable elements to evaluate, monitor, and control marketing effectiveness?

How do contemporary Buddhist practices reflect the foundations of the religion?

How has Christianity, a faith based on the teachings of one text (the Bible), divided into so many denominations?

What events and figures have shaped the development of Islam in the United States?

How are newer religions different from older ones? How are they similar?

You will be required to complete a term paper that applies economic methodology to investigate the economics of a health care issue. Theoretical, empirical, or critical review papers are acceptable. Pure literature reviews (i.e., a type of book report) are unacceptable; you must display some original thinking.