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Can you hep me with the following:

Based on the information below, what IT management changes should Leslie request that would likely increase the success of the IT acquisition projects? Explain for each change why it would likely increase IT project success.

Leslie has a successful track record in managing IT acquisition projects, establishing and managing two highly-regarded IT departments in succession. A mid-sized company offered her the position of CIO. She was told that: (1) the IT department had a two to three year backlog of IT project requests from the four operating divisions of the company, (2) there were a number of recent IT acquisition project failures, and (3) the IT department was generally held in low regard by the operating divisions, (4) the divisions approve their own IT project requests, which they then send to the IT department, and (5) the CIO, who heads the IT department, reports to the CEO.

You currently work for a retail store that carries basic household goods, some groceries and health and beauty products. The store is located in a small community (approximately 5,000 total residents) in which you live and is looking to expand its operations in some way. For this assignment, you are required to develop a major project proposal to be undertaken by your employer. You may decide to expand your product offerings or open an additional store in an adjacent community for example.

I need help with the following:

My goal definition.

My objective definition: how will i quantify the savings or benefits from completing the project. how much will it cost, hours material, methods, ect. How long will the project take

Identifying the resources necessary to complete the project

The risk analysis.