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Compare and contrast two organizations within a particular industry and discuss how and why one organization kept pace with consumer expectations and the other organization did not. Use the ProQuest Database for information regarding specific organizations.

Advocates of the death penalty recognize that no system is perfect and that applying the death penalty runs a small risk of executing someone who is innocent. Is this a price society should be willing to pay? Explain your answer in approximately 100 words.

As the newest person working in the Human Resources Department, the HR manager asks you to review the employee handbook and then meet with other managers/supervisors to inquire if they have any questions or issues with what is in the handbook. Using the Library, the Internet, and other resources, research how managerial mistakes can lead to litigation.

Discuss the importance of managers/supervisors understanding the handbook, using it as a guideline, and the potential results that failure to understand it can have both within the company and outside in the community.

Research a failure that occurred at a large organization such as WorldCom. Describe how specific organizational behavior theories could have predicted or can explain the failure of the company. Compare and contrast the contributions of leadership, management, and organizational structures to the organizational failure. must include cited references from appropriate sources (text chapters, professional journal articles) that apply and develop relevant concepts.

1. Why is high productivity important for a nation?

2. Why do you suppose that service jobs have lower productivity than manufacturing jobs?

3. How can a company gain a competitive advantage by having higher productivity than its competitors have?