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Change management is essentially a communication strategy that reduces anxiety and concerns in those being affected in order to help them accept change. The best-known planned-change processes, the force field analysis model has resulted from the work of Kurt Lewin. Two other theories of Change Management will be discussed here; Appreciative Inquiry and Parallel Learning Structure.

I need to write a paper using ONE of the following Topics.

The instructions for the paper is: “Write a 2,000 word paper (minimum) on a TOPIC IN THE NEWS and apply the finance concepts you have learned in this course to it”.

Time Value of Money
Capital Budgeting
Capital Structure Equity
Planning and Budgets
Mergers, Acquisitions and International Finance

I need help and don’t even know where to begin. Please help BY PROVIDING DETAILED INFORMATION.

Evaluate the impact of motivational theories on the design of performance management plans. Based on Glenview design a non-monetary incentive program for a particular group of employees within that organization: Include the following information:

a. Identify and describe the motivational theory that would apply to your non-monetary incentive program. What is the relationship between the theory and the incentive program? what is the use of incentives for performance improvement?
b. What are the criteria for employees to receive the incentives?
c. How frequently will the incentive program be offered?
d. How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the incentive program?
e. What are the expected outcomes of the incentive program?
4. Submit your Weekly Summary.

Can you assist with these questions replying to them utilizing the Ford auto industry as an example.

1.How is the impact of total reward system different than the impact of the compensation system (direct financial rewards) portion alone? Please use an example of the Ford Motor Industry.

2. Which motivational theories seem to be of particular importance in the Ford Motor industry? How do you know?

Using the “Motivation Concepts Table” describe how a theory would or would not be applicable if applied to two or more workplace situations drawn from a personal experience.

In the instance in which the selected theory of motivation was not applicable to your workplace experience, assess the need to develop and create a new theoretical model of motivation in today’s changing work environment. What are the ramifications of failing to meet this challenge?

1. The debt and equity mix is an example of a financial ratio and indicates the extent to which borrowed funds are used to finance assets. What are the main factors that go into determing the right mix of equity and debt? IF debt is always cheaper than equity ,why have equity?

2.Financial Lease option

You are the owner of a start -up company that is small, but growing fast. TO support your growth, you need to purchase some long-term fixed assets. You are considering whether to buy or lease. Why might a financial lease be especially attractive for your situation.