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How are mortgages and deeds related to one another?

A. They are two different methods to give a lender a security interest in real property of the debtor

B. Mortgages are used for real property, and deeds of trust are used for personal property

C. Mortgages are used to create a security agreement covering residential real property, and deeds of trust are used in connection with commercial real property

D. They are two names for the same instrument, and thus can be used interchangeably

E. They are two distinct aspects of a security agreement covering real property, both which must be present for the security interest to be valid

Trust issues is another key element to retaining and attracting the consumer. Yes, I too have received emails from banks that I bank with as well as PayPal asking for personal information. Asking for personal information is a definite red flag to the consumer that this is a fraudulent website. Explain

“As a top executive, the only agency relationship I am concerned about is the one between myself and the firm’s owners. I think that it would be a waste of my time and energy to worry about any other agency relationships.” What are these other agency relationships? How do you respond to this person? Do you accept or reject this view? Support your position.