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Task: Project Management Theory
- Deliverable Length: 3-5 pages
- Details: Your next step in the project management process is to create a work breakdown structure for the trade show. The WBS should include all the tasks and their dependencies. The result should be a project task list created using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Objective: Recognize and achieve basic competency in technical areas of project management including PERT, CPM, Gantt, Work Breakdown Structures, and other forms of project planning and control. Create a project plan from given elements of a project scenario.

Having to expand on teh project that I have already written that is attached. I would just like a bit of guidance. I have already completed A but am stuck on the areas of B, C, D, E

b. Four specific project risks (including size of the project and context within the organization) that could arise as the plan is implemented

c. An assessment of each risk’s impact on project outcomes (in quantifiable terms)

d. Mitigation strategies for each risk

e. A change management plan

Select a project that you would like to see implemented for an organization with which you are familiar. Write a Project Plan that includes the following:

1) A description of the project
2) The problem/result statement (What is the project going to solve or achieve?)
3) A mission justification (How does the project relate to the mission and goals of your organization?)
4) High-level scope (A brief description of the scope of the project
5) A brief description of how you expect to measure the success of the project
6) Two best practices in project management that could be applied to the project to ensure its success
7) Three key learning points that you will apply as you work on your Project Plan