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Describe a personal

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Describe a personal problem, struggle, or challenge that caused you some discomfort in your life. Select a situation that occurred at least one year ago. Be sure to include basic demographic information (age, sex, race, education, hometown); the presenting problem (what is it?); the history and development of the problem (when and how did it start?); the ways in which the problem has affected your life; the ways in which you have attempted to resolve the problem; relevant personal, medical, social, family, and academic history; and the current status of the problem in your life. Consider how satisfied you are with the final outcome.

Write a 1- to 2-page

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Write a 1- to 2-page paper comparing and contrasting America’s voter participation with the struggle for the democratic right to vote by another country or group of people.
Be sure to:
Identify a country or group  of people that has recently struggled to obtain the right to vote.

Help me Please

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Help me Please!!! Please email me price. Healthcare Finance Assignment. I need ASAP!!!

Please Assist!!!


Your facility has the following payer
40% commercial insurances
25% Medicare insurance
15% Medicaid
15% liability insurance
5% all others including self-pay


Assume that for the time in question you have 2000 cases in the proportions
above.  (what are the proportions of the total cases for each payer?)
average Medicare rate for each case is $6200- use this as the baseline.
Commercial insurances average 110% of Medicare, Medicaid averages 65% of
Medicare, Liability insurers average 200% of Medicare and the others average
100% of Medicare rates. (what are the individual reimbursement rates for all 5
1) What are the expected rates of reimbursement for this time frame
for each payer? What is your expected A/R?
2) What rate should you charge for
these services (assuming one charge rate for all payers)?(this gives you your
total A/R.) Calculate the total charges for all cases based on this rate.
What is the difference between the two A/R rates above? Can you collect it from
the patient? What happens to the difference?
4) Which of these costs are
fixed? Which are variable? Direct or indirect?
a. materials/supplies (gowns,
drapes, bedsheets)
b. Wages
(nurses, technicians)

c. Utility, building, usage exp (lights, heat, technology)
e. Licensing of facility
f. Per diem staff
Insurances (malpractice, business etc.)
5) Calculate the contribution margin
for one case (in $) with the following costs for this period, per case:
c. Utility, building, usage
exp:                                                          $1125
Insurances (malpractice, business etc.):
6) Using the above information, determine which is fixed and which cost
is variable. Then calculate the breakeven volume of cases in units for this
7) Suppose you want to make $150,000 profit between this period and
next period to fund an expansion to the NICU, how many cases would you have to
see? At what payer mix would this be optimal?

Resources: Appendix section

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Resources: Appendix section of Teaching Science for All Children, University of Phoenix Material: Curriculum Map Template, and University of Phoenix Material: Week Two Curriculum Map Sample – Unit


Locate your state standards from the Department of Education website.


Complete the Unit column of University of Phoenix Material: Curriculum Map Template using your state’s science standards.


Complete the following steps:


  • · Select a grade level.


  • · Read your state’s science standards for the selected grade level.


  • · Locate the national science standards in the appendix of Teaching Science for All Children. Read the national standards for the selected grade level.


  • · Identify specific units that align with the state standards, such as ecosystems, weather, or rock cycle.


  • · Identify specific units that align with the national standards.


  • · List these in the Unit column of the Curriculum Map Template.


Include a minimum of four units in your map.

Explain the

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Explain the differences between empowering and enabling clients and give examples of each.

must be 200 to 300 words long

The scientific method

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Unit 7: Essay

The scientific method emphasizes the use of precision, objectivity, critical thinking, careful observation, practice, repeatability, uncertainty management, and peer review, which enables the reliable collection, measurement and interpretation of clues in order to produce knowledge.



Review the scenario below and write a 3 to 5 page essay (excluding cover and reference page) that demonstrates how forensic scientists use class and individual characteristics to solve firearms related crimes.


The crime lab has received a fired bullet and a discharged cartridge case from the scene of a shooting. This evidence is submitted to the crime lab for examination. Several weeks later, the police confiscated a semi-automatic pistol from a suspect in the shooting.

  • Demonstrate how the scientific method governs the ability of the firearms examiner to provide facts and opinions relating to firearms examinations.
  • Discuss the scientific research conducted by the early pioneers of forensic firearms identification that led to the acceptance of firearms identification as an applied science.
  • What information can the firearms examiner provide to investigators based on the scientific method?
  • Can you suggest any limitations within the field of firearms identification that warrant addit

A stagecoach

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A stagecoach left dry gulch traveling east at 30 km/h. Two hours later, another stagecoach left dry gulch traveling in the same direction at 40 km/h. How many hours had the first stagecoach been traveling when the second stagecoach caught up?