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Assume that you are a consultant and you are advising an organization. They are interested but you want to make sure that they will buy into your project– that is, give you the green light to continue to hire or pay you. Make a good presentation to the organization.

1. Project Proposal: Determine a project to complete. In one to two pages, summarize your proposed project. Some items to include are the purpose for the project, who the customer is, a general description of the scope of the project, a projected list of project deliverables appropriate to this project, what type of work will be done, and estimated timeframes. Organize the proposal using appropriate headings and formatting.
2. Business Case: Using the information that was compiled in the project proposal, prepare a Business Case for this project.
3. Scope Statement: Create a scope statement for the project.
4. Work Breakdown Schedule: Create a Work Breakdown Schedule for your project.
5. Initial Project Plan: Using Microsoft Project, create a project file for the project. Make any necessary changes to the Environment options and choose a calendar for the project. Edit the project properties as necessary. Add task components. Include normal tasks, summary tasks, and milestones.
6. Updated Project Plan with Scheduling Requirements: Review your initial project plan and add dependency links, task constraints, and deadlines to the project plan.


Given the information in the following table

Activity Duration Predecessor
a 4 None
b 6 a
c 4 a
d 2 c
e 4 b
f 5 b, d
g 3 c
h 4 f,g
i 2 e, h

a. Construct the network diagram
b. Identify each activity’s EST, EFT, LST adn LFT
c. Identify all paths. Which path is the critical path?
d. Calculate the slack each activity?
e. How long will it take to complete the project?

Scenario 1 One of the most famous cases of poor project management was the Sydney Opera House, which came in years and millions over budgets. What have researchers identified about this case that we can learn from?

Scenario 2: Also, identify a high profile failed project from your nation of origin and see if the same mistakes were made. What practical advice would you give to project managers working in your country to help them
avoid problems?

567 words

Make a recommendation to a member of Congress. Imagine that the United States Congress was considering sweeping legislation that would provide intensive regulation of nonprofit fundraising, including the imposition of more filing requirements to the Internal Revenue Service for nonprofits, as well as more active obligations on the part of nonprofit leaders to explain in detail their fundraising strategies, marketing, and fundraising efforts.

Imagine also that such legislation would provide greater public oversight of the nonprofit fundraising process, but would also burden nonprofits with significant paperwork and accountability requirements.
Discuss your views on whether or not the federal government should play a much larger role in regulating nonprofits and especially how nonprofits identify donors, collect funds, and spend fundraising dollars.

For example, there was significant controversy after 9/11 regarding the American Red Cross because they collected fundraising monies and did not use those funds for the victims of 9/11 — they instead diverted those funds to other projects of the Red Cross.

Here are four questions to help frame your discussion.

Do you believe that government has a strong role to play in the regulation of nonprofit fundraising?

Do you think that states should play a role in regulating nonprofit fundraising?

Should there be a Sarbanes-Oxley-type legislation regarding nonprofit fundraising?

If so, what values should guide politicians as they attempt to set up regulatory systems to ensure that nonprofit fundraising is done in an ethical fashion?

Would stronger regulation of nonprofits have a chilling effect by decreasing contributions to nonprofits and diminishing the willingness of individuals to create nonprofits to address serious public crises and controversies?

response is 1,057 words plus three references

1 Explain how a work breakdown structure can be useful during the estimating of a project budget.

2 Before PERT diagrams are prepared, the person performing the work should have a clear definition of the requirements and objectives, both prime and support. Is it an absolute necessity? Why?
3 Is it possible to establish formal organizational procedures (either at the project level or corporate-wide) for the resolution of conflicts? If a procedure is established, what can go wrong?

4 Once a project begins, a good project manager will set up milestones. How should this be accomplished? Will the duration of the project matter? Can milestones be built into a schedule? If so, how can they be identified?

5 Explain how a project monitoring system in your project environment can benefit the overall success of the project.

6 Good project management systems have a memory. The precise organization of the final report is not a matter of great concern. What matters are that several subjects should be addressed in the final report? What must the project manager do in planning, scheduling, monitoring, and closing out the project?

response is 788 words

1. Please help explain (do not simply list) three advantages to using a Relational Database Management system.

2. Trying to compare and contrast the Hierarchical Database Structure and the Network Database Structure.

3. Which entity should have the most influence on the design of a database system, management or the workers? What are three reasons for your this.

4. Data mining is a two-edged sword. Is it good or bad and what are some reasons why.

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Rocky Mountain Tire Center sells 20,000 go-cart tires per year. The ordering cost for each order is $40, and the holding cost is 20% of the purchase price of the tires per year. The purchase price is $20 per tire if fewer than 500 tires are ordered, $18 per tire if 500 or more – but fewer than 1,000 – tires are ordered, and $17 per tire if 1,000 or more tires are ordered. How many tires should Rocky Mountain order each time it places an order?