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How can cultural differences among audiences affect how public relations messages are received and interpreted? What complicates this as companies move abroad? Why should product names, related messaging and logos be pretested prior to use in foreign markets emerging or not?

You are the marketing manager for a leading coffee chain. Your company has made the decision to expand internationally, specifically into China. What are some of the environmental factors that you will need to consider in marketing your coffee in China? Which of one of these factors would have the largest impact on the company s marketing strategy? Why?

Your company has developed a new product that it plans to introduce soon. Identify four reasons why a new product may fail. What strategies can the company use to increase the chance for marketing success for this new product it has developed?

Select a product or service. Then select three different organizations that provide your selected product or service and compare the prices associated with your selected product or service. What is the difference between the prices among the different organizations? What is the rationale for this difference?

Select a product with which you are familiar. What stage is your selected product at in the product life cycle? Provide rationale for your answer. Based on your knowledge of the product life cycle, what types of changes will occur to your selected product as it continues through the product life cycle? How will this affect the marketing of your selected product?