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Oakley Co. produces pipes.
Oakley Co. operating results include:
Controllable margin, $150,000
Sales revenue, $1,200,000
Operating assets, $500,000

Oakley Co. is considering a project with sales of $120,000, expenses of $84,000, and an investment of $180,000. Oakley Co. required rate of return is 15%. Should Oakley Co. accept this project?

Compute the division’s current ROI, the ROI of the project, and determine if Oakley Co. should accept this project based on the above data.

I am having a real hard time with this, since I am not an excel function expert. Your help is greatly appreciated. Here are the instructions:

You are the owner of a family practice which also sells fitness equipment and wish to convert the payroll account to an Excel
worksheet, which will automatically calculate gross pay, taxes, healthcare costs, commissions, and net pay for your five employees.

1. Build a worksheet to calculate the payroll for any week.
For each employee, the worksheet should calculate gross pay, taxes, commission, healthcare, and net pay. All employees work
at least twenty hours per week, with wages ranging from $22.50 to $34.00 per hour. Employees who work more than thirty
hours per week earn overtime pay, calculated at one and one-half times the employee’s hourly rate. Employees also receive a
three percent commission for fitness equipment sales greater than $100.

a. Enter a descriptive worksheet title, column titles, and row labels
b. Enter employee names and data required to calculate the items noted below
c. Write formulas and functions to complete the items noted below

2. Given the following guidelines, enter data into the worksheet.
a. There are five employees, each of whom worked at least 20 hours
b. Three of the five employees worked more than 30 hours, with none exceeding 34 hours
c. Two of the five employees are eligible for 3% commission based on fitness equipment sales

3. Write and copy formulas and functions to show:
a. For each employee:
1. Gross pay
2. Taxes deducted (26% flat rate)show the tax rate in a cell which is held absolute when calculating taxes
deducted from gross pay
3. Healthcare deduction (12% of gross pay)
4. Commission (3% if fitness equipment sales exceed $100)
5. Net pay

b. Column totals: gross pay, taxes deducted, healthcare deducted, commission, net pay
c. Average: hours worked, gross pay, taxes, healthcare, commission, net pay

4. Format the spreadsheet, using features which you feel will enhance its overall appearance
5. Include footer in your printout with the following information:
a. your name: left side
b. worksheet name: center
c. date: right side

6. Save the worksheet in landscape mode.
7. Rename a duplicate copy of your worksheet (remember to add a footer with your name, worksheet name, and date in the
duplicate copy). Using the duplicate copy of the worksheet, select the Display Formulas option, adjust the width of the columns
as needed, and save the worksheet in Landscape mode.
1. Worksheet with footer (landscape mode)
2. Worksheet formulas (landscape mode)

I tried to work through some of it, but apparently I don’t know excel well enough, and keep running into a brick wall. PLEASE HELP!

Case study tell me what you are going to do, unsure what they are asking and how I would go about answering this?
This is a link to the book we are looking at

My recommendation is that the content in the link given above should be read several times. This will put the assignment into a better perspective.
The link was helpful in that it did shed some insight on what the assignment was about.
It is important to note that “Lauren” was in the middle of a merger between two companies and the dilemma of providing a reccommendation to the new CEO as to how she would solve the problem of the current projects that were 40% over the budget. Another aspect of the assignment was how the success would be measured.

There were suggestions provided to the student to consider.
The student was encouraged to use the references given as there are may aspects of the program management area that could have been used in order to answer the question in the assignment. Since there were so many possibilities, it was important to narrow down the most important aspects of the assisgnment.

The references given had other links to other parts of project maangement and the student can click on those for further insight.