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This is the link of the study case

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This is the link of the study case

- Provide a synopsis of the company and the case.

To Communicate or Not to Communicate?
- Discuss whether or not Dannon should start to proactively communicate to consumers its CSR initiatives.
- Discuss the benefits and risks that Dannon would face.
- Analyze the implications for Dannon’s current CSR initiatives.

Impact of a Corporate Parent
- Discuss the impact that having a corporate parent plays in Dannon’s decision about whether to externally communicate its CSR programs. Discuss the risks and benefits of having a corporate parent and how this impacts Dannon’s communication plans.

The Communication Strategy
- Design a focus and communication strategy for Dannon’s CSR campaign to its consumers. Support your decisions with research.
- Summarize in 2-3 paragraphs the most important elements addressed in this analysis.

“Talent Pool Management”

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“Talent Pool Management”
1. Synthesize the key characteristics of effectively managed talent pool leaders. Justify how you would initiate and maintain this talent pool of potential leaders. (Please add references)

“Engagement Research”
1. Discuss an approach to engagement research that would encompass the necessary components to your profession or industry as an administrator. Itemize the areas that must be considered in the future talent pool and how one would design research that answers these questions. (Please add references)

Note: These are discussion questions not an assignment. Also please note that my professor tried to overload our discussion questions but she realize what she was doing and corrected the problem so I am sorry about the last posting.

Why do they do it? What benefit does their mission statement provide to that organization, and to the public?
Do you read the mission statements of the organizations you patronize? If not, why not? If so, do you believe them, and do you hold them accountable to living up to their mission statements? What purpose does the mission statement serve?

Can you personally benefit from having your own mission statement? If not, why not? If so, in what ways, and in what context (personally or professionally)?

How can concentrated clusters enhance the management of supply chains and improve overall firm performance? How might this management concept vary between international firms and domestic firms? What are the negatives of the concentrated cluster theory?

Supporting material:
This article is used in the case study assignment:

DeWitt, T., Giunipero, L. C., & Melton, H. L., (2006). Clusters and supply chain management: the Amish experience. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management. Bradford: 36(4).

You should have 3-4 pages of written text plus a cover sheet and reference page. Use at least three different sources of information and annotate your sources of information appropriately on your reference page and within the text if necessary. You will be assessed on how well you apply your understanding of various location strategies, particularly with respect to the cluster theory. Research the many resources on the Internet to make your points and be sure to differentiate between international and domestic situations.

I need guidelines and assistance with topic. I will rewrite as needed.

Thank you.

Recall a time that you were involved in a negotiation that did not have a favorable outcome. What are some things you could have done differently in order to achieve a fairer outcome?

Think of someone you have known in your personal, educational, or professional life. Describe an event in which this person encouraged you to make a greater effort than you might have made on your own. Did you experience a greater belief in your abilities as a result of something this person did or said? Describe the ways in which this person acted as a leader for you.

- Analyze the kind of organizational structure you currently work under (or worked under if you do not presently work), and the benefits or drawbacks of that structure. Provide specific examples to support your response.
- Analyze the concept of line versus staff authority and determine ways a manager may become an effective delegater of authority