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What are some employment laws that you are aware of that impact the workplace? Choose two laws and elaborate on your relevant insights (from the Internet search, as well as from your personal experience, if applicable). Be sure to use citations as appropriate in the body of your post, and include the full reference listing(s) at the end of your post.

response is 348 words

Imagine that you must negotiate a contract with an organisation that is in a country other than your own. Choose any country other than your native country and then answer the following questions:

* Identify the country. List the main aspects of this country’s culture, as you perceive it today.
* What assumptions do you have about this country and why? What sources of information shape your assumptions?
* How does this country’s culture differ from your own? What cultural values do you bring to the transaction and how would you need to adapt?
* How would you approach the negotiation? Would your approach vary from how you would approach a negotiation in the country of your native birth or primary professional experience? What factors of negotiation and business relationships do you have to consider differently?

o What tort actions do you see
o The identity of potential plaintiffs
o The identity of potential defendants and why you see each one as a defendant
o The elements of the tort claim that constitute the plaintiffâ??s claim
o Any defenses you think defendants might assert
o How you think the claim will be resolved, stating legal reasons for your answer

Scenario: Randy is a sales clerk at Buy-Mart, a huge discount store. He works in the hardware and gun department. One day, Lee asks to look at a rifle. Randy unlocks the case and hands Lee the rifle he wanted to see. Lee examines the rifle, and tells Randy he will take the rifle and a box of bullets. Randy puts the bullets on the counter, and turns to ring up the transaction. While Randy is not looking, Lee opens the box, loads the rifle, aims, and shoots a lady who is walking with a man in the next aisle. Upon seeing his wife fall, the man clutches at his chest and has a heart attack.

Lee aims at someone else, but Randy tackles him and knocks him down, spoiling his shot. The bullet ricochets off a metal beam and injures a boy. Randy and Lee struggle until Randy knocks Lee unconscious. The store security guard comes over and, in the heat of anger, kicks the unconscious Lee in the ribs. Randy can hear Lee’s ribs breaking. Randy and the security guard manage to lock Lee in a storage room until the police come. For some reason, the police do not arrive for two hours. Before they get there, Lee comes to and bangs on the door, saying he needs medical attention. The security guard tells Lee, “Be quiet or I will break more of your ribs.” Lee does not get released from the closet until the police arrive to arrest him.

Let’s try a quick hypo. A man (“A”) sees his enemy (“B”) while he is walking down the street. They are walking in opposite directions, and are about to cross paths. As B approaches, A pulls out his gun and aims it at B, intending to only scare him. The gun accidentally discharges and hits B in the arm. Putting aside possible charges of attempted manslaughter, what tort(s) has A committed here?

Discuss defamation in the context of the Lohan suit. What would Lohan have to do to prove her defamation claim? What potential defenses would E-Trade have?

I need help in getting started writing a paper about mentoring and/or coaching. It should include the following:

A detailed explanation of how mentoring and/or coaching influences the success of an employee.
An analysis of the importance of training and development on both workplace performance and work-life balance. I need a minimum of three sources and
Format paper using APA guidelines.