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One function of a leader is to provide the vision for the organization they lead. Being a role model and leading the way forward are important aspects of leadership. If you were leading an internet retailer or other organization that involves innovative technology and organizational flexibility, describe the process you would engage to create a vision for the organization and how you would get employees involved in that vision.


Research a well-known corporation, and discuss the chief executive officer’s (CEO) leadership qualities. In your Discussion can you please answer the questions listed below.

Answer the following questions:
-Discuss 3 factors or characteristics that you think makes this individual (CEO) an effective leader.
-Discuss 3 factors or characteristics that an industry source thinks makes this individual an effective leader. Support your argument with reliable outside sources.
-What do you think will be the key cultural or organizational legacy this leader will leave behind?
-Include your references using APA format.

I need some help answering the following:

Part 1

– What is a leadership style? What are the different styles of leadership and which one would you adopt if you were asked to lead a group?

Part 2

– What are the steps involved in the problem-solving process? Can you think of any more activities that can be carried out in the problem-solving process that would help your group solve problems more easily?