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Prepare a 750 to 1,000 word executive summary in which you identify and analyze at least two to three occupational health and safety issues. Be sure to examine the occupation health and safety legislation that could possibly impact your selected Virtual Organization. Additionally, anticipate the contemporary health and safety management issues and make recommendations on how to address them.

What are the implications for Tetley in the current global economic and financial climate?

What methods of market entry does Tetley use,( is it exporting, contractual, investment or Alliances and partnerships) and are these likely to change?

What is their marketing strategy( is it standardization or adaptation or creation or mixed), and how does it address the various elements of the marketing mix? Taking into consideration the country of Origin (COO, branding and national identity

What approach to being international does it adopt, and what are its main sources of competitive advantage (achieving efficiency in current operations or managing risks or innovation learning and adaptation? )

What is the type of its international strategy is it multinational, global international or transnational
How does it set about managing the implementation of its international strategy in terms of organization structure, management systems and possible cross cultural issues?

What are the opportunities and threats that are facing Tetley and the way it is undertaking its international trade operations.

Write a paper, responding to the assigned write up by Bazerman. Relate the material to real organizations that you have read/heard about or have personal experience with. In other words, the paper should be a commentary that reflects the course concepts and the real world against each other.

1. What are the basic differences between a negotiation that has an international component and one that does not? If you were a manager, how would a negotiation that has an international component affect your negotiation perspective? How would you evaluate the following statement from a negotiation perspective: When in Rome, do as the Romans do ?

2. What are the merits of using the Internet to conduct negotiations? What tools or techniques would you employ to more effectively negotiate on the Internet? What are the long term implications of Internet negotiations on global business transactions?

3. What negotiation best practices have you learned? Which best practices will you be able to apply in your work place? Based on emerging trends, what new best practices do you think will be needed?

Suppose that you perform a significance test regarding a population mean, and that the evidence does not warrant rejection of the null hypothesis. When formulating the conclusion to the test, why is the phrase fail to reject the null hypothesis more accurate than the phrase accept the null hypothesis ? Please explain.

It seems as though in negotiation the assumption of the fixed pie is a powerful anchor point. We often overlook the possibility of an integrative settlement (one in which both parties get what they want) because we assume the situation is a win lose proposition. What mechanisms might we employ to direct our negotiation efforts toward more win win outcomes? Have there been any noteworthy successes in this respect?