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Some business ethicists maintain that whereas personal ethics has to do with right or wrong behavior, business ethics is concerned with appropriate behavior. In other words, ethical behavior in business has less to do with moral principles than with what society deems to be appropriate behavior in the business context.
1. Do you agree with this distinction?
2. Do personal and business ethics ever overlap?
3. Should personal ethics play any role in business ethical decision making?

Scanned Document 105514 is the Case 20-43 Assignment
The word template is where my solutions should be documented

1. As OptiComm’s new controller, Dave Peterson was asked to prepare a statement of cash flows for 20×1 to submit to the bank. Peterson delegated the task to you, his assistant. Use the direct method. (Hint: Treasury bills are cash equivalents.)

Complete the following (use attached data and template):

Cash flows from operating activities:
Cash receipts from customersa $xxxx  
Cash payments:
To suppliers of inventoryb $(xxxx)
To employees (xxx)
For interest (xx)
For heat, light, and power (xx)
For miscellaneous expenses (xx)
For taxesc   (xxx)
Total cash payments (xxxx)
Net cash flow from operating activities $  xx  

Cash flows from investing activities:
Purchase of buildings and equipmentd $ (xxx)
Purchase of lande    (xx)
Net cash used by investing activities (xxx)   
Cash flows from financing activitiesf     -0-  
Net decrease in cash and cash equivalents $   (xx)
Balance in cash and cash equivalents, beginning of yearg    xxx  
Balance in cash and cash equivalents, end of year $   xx  

Schedule of direct-exchange, or noncash, transactions: Most accountants would disclose the $xxxxxx stock dividend in this schedule.

aCash receipts from customers (in thousands):

Sales Revenue $xxxx
Deduct: Increase in Accounts Receivable    xxx
Total cash receipts $xxxx

bCash payments to suppliers of inventory (in thousands):

Cost of Goods Sold $xxxx
Add: Increase in Inventory xxx
Deduct: Increase in Accounts Payable     xx
Total cash payments $xxxx

cCash payments for taxes (in thousands):

Income Taxes $xxx
Property Taxes xx
Deduct: Increase in Taxes Payable    x
Cash payments for taxes $xxx

dIncrease in Buildings and Equipment (from balance sheet).
eIncrease in Land (from balance sheet).
fThere were no financing activities. Treasury bills are included in cash and cash equivalents.
gTreasury bills are included in cash and cash equivalents.