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Taste tests are a tool that marketers have been using for decades. The Pepsi Challenge was a great long-term boost for the soda maker beginning in the mid 1970′s. The Whopper Virgins taste tests of 2008 may prove to be a successful campaign for Burger King.

1. You will conduct a taste test using 10 participants.

2. Select a packaged food product like chips, cereal, cookies, or ice cream, as examples.

It is suggested that you use a brand name product and its store brand/generic counterpart or you may use two different brands.

Be sure to compare 2 comparable products that taste similiar. For example: do not have a taste test of Life Cereal and Fruity Pebbles. You want to compare Fruity Pebbles with a Generic Version like Malt-o-Meal’s Fruity Dyno-Bites.

3. Ask each respondent what brand of the product s/he usually buys before revealing the selected product.

4. Provide a detailed description of the process through which you collected the data.

5. Provide an overview of the Results without using tables or charts.

6. Analyze the results.

7. Assess the implications.

Please cite any references used.


Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400-600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas:

Conduct research online regarding the business systems planning (BSP) approach. Describe the BSP approach, and discuss how it is used to develop an information architecture that provides a coordinated view of all data that are needed for the organization. What should information technology (IT) management professionals understand about the BSP approach? How would BSP be used to help a company attain a competitive advantage?

Maybe you are accepting a new job right down the road from you or even moving to a new town. Whatever the change may be, people are generally afraid to some extent of change.

Answer the following questions:
-Why are people fearful of change?
-As an employer, what are some ways to help employees cope with changes?
Submit 4 paragraphs (each containing 4 or more sentences).

You are the sales manager for a firm based in the United States that is beginning to market its products to overseas clients. In fact, several groups are visiting your firm, with the first being from Japan. To be better prepared to receive them, you want to do some research on potential areas of cultural conflict. You want to research ways they may act and think as individuals and as groups versus what you normally experience with customers that are based in the United States.
Go to the Web site listed, and answer the following questions:
? What are some of the particular practices that Westerners need to be aware of when dealing with Japanese business people?
The practices to comment on include the following:
? A Japanese manager’s approach when dealing with groups or teams
? How Japanese social customs may be different than those in the United States
? In your opinion, how do the different management approaches toward groups and teams (regarding the United States and Japan) add or subtract from potential company performances?