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Q1. What does job analysis have to do with internal alignment?
Q2.How does job analysis support managers making pay decisions?
Q3.What are some of the philosophical issues underlying overlap between grades?
Q4.Why would an organization use more than one pay structure?
Q5.Why is it necessary for an organization to formally appraise performance?

Assignment: Honda civic Hybrid, explore its quality situation and determine a problem or issue that requires the use of correlation analysis. Explore this situation in depth and write a paper about it. This should be a different situation than the one you used before.
Assignment Expectations: The Main Point of the paper is to explain why using correlation analysis is useful in this situation. Provide the background information about the situation, how you would collect the data for the variables and how you would determine the correlation statistics. Then make a case for the Main Point. The paper should be two pages. Double space, and APA style.

Can you help me get started with this assignment?

Question: What are some steps that organizations can take in creating, implementing, and using business intelligence that would substantially enhance the chances for BI success???

Needed Answer: Short description of your business intelligence search strategy that you would employ during working to answer the question above. What tools would you use? What help would you get? How long would it take you to make a plan? Any dead ends? Any unexpected breakthroughs?

Please conclude with 5 to 7 brief aphorisms or suggestions that you might offer to a colleague about to undertake a similar exercise in business intelligence.

How can organizational knowledge contribute to value creation for an organization in the new economy?

How can the processes and systems of the organizations be effectively utilized to support the sharing and creating of knowledge?

Explain the answers with real life examples.

With references and citations.