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What are the attributes of Critical Success Factors in general? How do you think are these attributes present in the IT (Information Technology) industry or not? If they are, then please expound upon your response.

P.S. Please provide appropriate references for statements and/or quotations next to the statements and/or quotations itself. Apart from the references that you would provide at the end of your response as well. If you’re just going to respond with outside references only, then please do not respond.

Do you think it is ever OK for a public relations person to lie (i.e., deliberately mislead a reporter or the public by providing incorrect information or not correcting misinformation that favors his organization). If you were working for the government as a public relations person, would you ever mislead reporters? What are the consequences if you are found out? What professional qualms would you have and how would you resolve those issues with your organization? What would you tell your boss if he or she asked you to lie? Is “spin” the same thing as lying?

* Write a well-developed paragraph (the length may be specified by your instructor) comparing Langston Hughes’ two poems, “Trumpet Player” and “The Weary Blues.” What is the connection between racial issues and music in the poems? What is the value of music to the speakers in each poem?

* Your paragraph should be organized: a thesis statement of some kind as your first sentence (a main idea about the poems that will govern your entire paragraph), commentary for the main body of your paragraph in which you use at least two examples from the poems (or more), and a concluding comment of just one sentence that nicely completes your discussion.

You are the senior vice president of marketing and communications for a medium-sized manufacturer headquartered in your city. Your company is bidding on a major contract in an Asian country. If your firm wins the contract, the company’s revenues could double over the next five years. Plus, you will likely have the inside track on additional contracts in that country. Your company is competing for this contract against a French company and a German company. Your company is confident that it can provide a better deal to the Asian country. But there is one small problem, the country’s minister of trade would appreciate receiving a kickback. You know that both the French and the German companies would likely acquiesce to the minister’s request, which is not unusual and generally accepted in that part of the world.

1. Draft a persuasive memo to your CEO recommending what he should do in the above circumstances.
2. Back up your argument with applicable facts.
3. Remember, you are the company’s chief public relations officer, so you need to consider the implications on various stakeholders.

What is the value of a mentoring program to the organization? To the mentor? To the protégé?

What are the expectations of the mentor and the protégé?

How much time would some expect to spend as a mentor?

What type of training should a mentor receive prior to starting a mentoring assignment.

How does e.Mentoring differ from traditional mentoring?

What is the role of an HR department in organizing a mentoring program?

How do you evaluate the effectiveness of a mentoring program?