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1) There are a number of ways organizations can affect society and ways society affects organizations. What are some of these ways? Which, in your view, has the greater impact: society or organizations? Defend your answer in your response.

2) Read Box 3–Almost Too Good to be True? Pg 32 Ropes text. Answer the following question: Why are organizational rituals and symbols important? Do you believe that the impression management gives is more important than the work itself?

Virtual hostipal is the employer.

Virtua is a comprehensive healthcare (hospital) in Marlton New Jersey. Virtua’s mission is to provide world-class patient experience throughout their various healthcare services.

This is a website to refer to (, other websites could be used as well.

Prepare a document in which you create a representation of actual sections for an employee handbook that addresses the following:

please answer the two(2) questions below:

1. How could an employee’s privacy protections enhance his or her motivation and productivity on the job in a healthcare/hospital environment?

2. How would your responses to the previous components differ if this was a public sector employer?

Please provide proper references and cites properly format. If you are using a book, please provide chapter, paragraph and/or page number(s)

Also, when providing references, please make sure I am allowed or able to retrieve those references (they should NOT be from subscribed websites etc).

No plagiarism.

Employee Privacy Report

· Write a report addressing e-mail, Internet use, and privacy policies.
· Answer:

o What are the e-mail use, Internet use, and privacy policies at your job?
o What are the current laws regulating employee e-mail and Internet privacy?
o Why do companies implement e-mail and Internet use policies?
o What assumptions might employees make about their privacy at work? How do these policies affect employee privacy at work?

Include APA-formatted citations on a slide titled References

1. When Starbucks opened its very first coffeehouse abroad, it was exposed to international business risks. Name three risks that a company encounters when it conducts cross-border business. Suggest how the company might mitigate each risk.

2. At a job interview, you learn that the position is an expatriate position and that you will live abroad. Discuss three important ingredients the company should have in their program to prepare you for the foreign assignments? Why is each important?

3. What are the risks and rewards of operating a multinational organization?

Assume that you are interviewing with a company for a potential job. Given your major, the classes you have taken so far, and your general interests, how might the vertical characteristics of the organization with which you are interviewing influence your career prospects and projected overall job satisfaction if working within the organization? Should you find out the vertical characteristics of organization structure of a potential employer before you start working for the company? Why?

Defining Facilities Management

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Defining Facilities Management

Describe critical components of facilities management.
Analyze the role of facilities management in a hospitality organization.
Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed journal articles.