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You are an Organizational Behavior consultant and have been asked to come into XYZ Company to find out why production has fallen over the past year. Explain how you would proceed, create a scenario of questions and responses, and explain how you would present the data and make recommendations.

Research the Nike Corporation and explain how the corporation has been affected or is in the process of responding to recent shifts in international policies and regulations as they relate to foreign investment. Summarize your findings.

Write an additional paragraph addressing the following question: Has business globalization and the inception of e-commerce impacted the importance of such policies?

Be sure to cite 2-3 sources.

Preface the presentation of your findings with a REQUIRED “mini-section” entitled THESIS STATEMENT. This section is meant to create a contextual backdrop for the research and should consist of 2-3 sentences either discussing
1.) Your interest in the aspect of foreign investment demonstrated by the firm/corporation you chose to focus on OR
2.) How your substantive focus of your research may be related to your professional aspirations or how you expect to leverage your degree.


I need help getting started on these questions. I have did some research but need some outside ideas. Thank you.