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Sales in units: planned 1,000, actual 980. Selling price per unit: planned $7. actual $7.2. Variable cost per unit $4 for planned and actual

1. Find sales volume variance in absolute dollars 2. Is the volume variance favorable or unfavorable variance?

Prepare statement of cash flows (indirect method) using balance sheet data. Presented below are comparative balance sheets for Millco, Inc., at January 31 and February 28, 2004.

Then write a 350 500 word paper discussing the difference sections of the statement of cash flows assist different sets of users. Also discuss the merits of using the direct method vs the indirect methods of preparation.

Transmissions are delivered to the fabrication line four at a time. It takes one hour for transmissions to be delivered. Approximately four vehicles are produced each hour, and management has decided that 50 percent of expected demand should be maintained as safety stock. How many kanban card sets are needed?

How much cash and cash equivalents did time warner cable have at the end of its two (2) most recent annual reporting periods? What were time warner cable s total current assets at the end of its two (2) most recent annual reporting periods? In what order should current assets be presented? What were the two largest current assets at the end of its two (2) most recent annual reporting periods?

If you were to draw a scatter plot of the number of women in the work force versus number of Christmas trees sold in the United States annually between 1930 and the present, you would find a strong positive correlation. Why do you think this would be true? Does one cause the other? Is regression analysis appropriate in this instance?

The Landes Excavating Company experienced the following costs in 2007: Direct materials $1.75/unit Direct labor $2.00/unit Variable manufacturing overhead $2.50/unit Variable selling $.75/unit Fixed manufacturing overhead $50,000 Fixed selling $15,000 Fixed administrative $5,000 During the year the company manufactured 100,000 units and sold 80,000 units. If the average selling price per unit was $22.65 what is the company s contribution margin per unit?