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Assignment 2: The New

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Assignment 2: The New
Health Care Facility

Due Week 4 and worth
200 points

You have just been
hired as a new chief executive officer of a new full-service 200-bed for-profit
health care organization. Twenty-four (24) hour emergency room services will be
provided. The services offered will focus on adult care. The physicians under
consideration for employment at the new facility are world renowned for their
highly successful treatment rate for the most difficult cancers. About five
miles away exists a non-for-profit teaching hospital that has also developed a
great reputation in the community for providing great adult care services.
Prepare an eighteen to
twenty (18-20) slide PowerPoint slide presentation in which you:
Provide a detailed
organizational chart for your new facility.

  1. Organize a mission,
    vision, and values statement for the new entity.
  2. Compile procedures
    that govern the hospital-physician and physician-patient relationship including
    negligence and liability issues.
  3. Describe referral
    services that will be offered.
  4. Create a peer review
  5. Provide a synopsis of
    how HMO insurance will be handled


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Tony’s Chips has recently been sold to a new independent company. The new company has hired you to manage a project that will move the old Website from an externally hosted solution to an internal one. The company’s leadership is very concerned about redundancy for their site, insisting that a back-up site be available as a failover in case the main site goes down. In addition, they want the site redesigned to allow customers to order products online. As part of your job, you must complete a 10-to-15 page paper that follows this project through the system development life cycle (SDLC). This assignment will require you to do the following: 1. Discuss what it will take to build a Web architecture, move an existing Website with minimal downtime, and provide a disaster recovery solution to ensure the site is always available. a. The Web architecture should describe and justify operating system choices (i.e., Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP, Windows, IIS, SQL, etc.). 2. Evaluate alternatives to the company self-hosting the site. 3. Build a Gantt chart using Microsoft Project or equivalent software, showing all tasks associated with implementing the Website. a. The chart should include a minimum of five (5) tasks, each with three (3) sub-tasks. 4. Explain and justify the system architecture you have selected. 5. Illustrate the system architecture using Visio or equivalent software. 6. Create a use case that documents the event of a customer ordering a bag of chips from the new Website. a. The use case should include a graphical representation using Visio or equivalent software and a text description of the events. 7. Discuss the support operations that the internally hosted Website will require after implementation. 8. Explain how you will evaluate the performance of the new site and the success of your project. The specific Course Learning Outcomes associated with this assignment are:  Design high-level logical system characteristics (user interface design, design of data, and information requirements).  Use contemporary CASE tools in process and data modeling.  Use technology and information resources to research issues in systems analysis and development.  Write clearly and concisely about Systems Analysis and Development topics using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.

Phil Phoenix is

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Phil Phoenix is paid monthly. For the month of January of the current year, he earned a total of $8,288. The FICA tax rate for social security is 6.2% and the FICA tax rate for Medicare is 1.45%. The FUTA tax rate is 0.8%, and the SUTA tax rate is 5.4%. Both unemployment taxes are applied to the first $7,000 of an employee’s pay. The amount of Federal Income Tax withheld from his earnings was $1,375.17. What is the total amount of taxes withheld from the Phoenix’s earnings?
A. $3,097.17
B. $2,443.21
C. $2,009.21
D. $1,722.00
E. $1,495.36

On March 17, Grady Company agrees to accept a 60-day, 10%, $4,500 note from Alert Company to extend the due date on an overdue account. What is the journal entry needed to record the transaction by Alert Company?
A. Debit Notes Payable $4,500; credit Accounts Payable $4,500.
B. Debit Accounts Payable $4,500; credit Notes Payable $4,500.
C. Debit Accounts Receivable $4,500; credit Notes Payable $4,500.
D. Debit Cash $4,500; credit Notes Payable $4,500.
E. Debit Sales $4,500; credit Notes Payable $4,500.

Problem 15-3A

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Problem 15-3A

Shaq security, which began operations in 2011, invests in long term available for sale securities. following is a series of transactions and events determing its long term investiment activity.


I just need help with part two and part 3.


2. prepare a table that summarizes the a, total cost b. total fair value adjustment and c. total fair value of the portfolio of long term available for sale securities at each year end.

3. prepare a table that summarizes a. the realized gains and losses and b. the unrealized gains or losses for the portfolio of long term avalaible for sale securities at each year end.

need help with

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need help with assignment 4 math 540 Case Problem ” Sateline Shipping and Transport Company”

1.  in excel or other suitable program, develop model for shipping the waste directly from te 6 plants to the 3 waste disposal sites.

2.  Solve the model you developed in # 1 (above) and clearly describe the results

3.  In excel or other suitable program, Develop a transshipmet model in which each of the plants and disposal sites can be used as intermediate points

4.  Solve the model you developed in #3 (above) and clearly describe the results.

5.  Interpret the results and draw a conclusions that address the question posed in the case problem.  What are the limts of the study?  Write at least one paragraph.


I will provide the case study to anyone who feels they can help me

3 or more paragraph

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3 or more paragraph, all original work, and 0% similarity score


Part 1: Provide concrete examples of when and how each of these officials of the criminal justice system (law enforcement officer, the prosecutor, and the judge) may appropriately exercise discretion at the six stages of criminal procedure:

  • The investigation stage
  • The arrest stage
  • The pretrial stage
  • The trial stage
  • The appeal stage
  • The serving the sentence stage

Remember that one or more of these officials will have little or no involvement in all six stages of criminal procedure; however, for each stage, indicate which official has the power to exercise discretion and how that discretion can be legitimately exercised by that official.

Part 2: Then, suggest guidelines that are now, or that could legitimately be, imposed by law to limit the arbitrary use of each official’s power of discretion. Provide support or examples for each of the guidelines that you have suggested.

Must be 100

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Must be 100%, Must have references, Must have citations, Must pass plagiarism, APA format.

Write a paper about ATF that identifies, describes, and explains the following issues: Only focus on ATF Technologies and ATF Cultural or sub-cultural aspects of organizations only.  Must have 500-600 word counts for each of these two topics ATF Technologies and ATF Cultural or sub-cultural aspects of organizations.

*ATF Agency policies: inclusive of statutory authorities

*ATF Budgets: projected revenue sources and expenditures

*ATF Communications:

*ATF Technologies

*ATF Cultural or sub-cultural aspects of organizations 

Include an integration plan to improve interactions between law enforcement, private security, the courts, and institutional and community corrections over the next 15 years.

Analyze major components of the criminal justice system, inclusive of private security functions.

Prepare 2 PowerPoint slides for each of these two topics ATF Technologies and ATF Cultural or sub-cultural aspects of organizations must have speakers notes and speakers notes can come from the writing composition.

Please prepare an outline on ATF Technologies and ATF Cultural or sub-cultural aspects of organizations for my presentation.  I need to submit an outline for these two topics for my presentation before 12/01/12. I just need to let them know what I’m presenting about ATF Technologies and ATF Cultural or sub-cultural aspects of organizations.  Thank you much…