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Your father runs a small auto body shop. He has decided to computerize his records and has asked you to explain the basics of accounting to him so that he can enter the data into his accounting software.
1. Explain the rules of debits and credits for the balance sheet and income statement.
2. Provide examples from the manufacturing industry of:
a) A journal entry that would be recorded that impacts the balance sheet. b) A journal entry that would be recorded affecting the income statement.
3. What are the assumptions behind the transactions and the full journal entries?

Explain why asexually reproducing organisms are generally found in environments that do not change very much through time, while sexually reproducing organisms are very successful in environments that change dramatically through time. Animal Behavior: How does an animal s behavior aid survival and reproduction? Provide an example to illustrate your comments. In your response, be sure to include information from the reading to support your answer.