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What is meant by capital structure? What metrics can be used to assess improvement or deterioration in the capital structure? How is risk influenced by the capital structure? What is the effect of increased or decreased risk in the capital structure?

A hospital manager budgeted $100,000 for monthly nursing expenses in the hospital s well baby clinic. The manager expected that the clinic would treat $5000 babies and pay its nurses $40 per hour. Instead, the clinic treated 6000 babies and used 3200 hours of nursing time at $37.50 an hour. Calculate the total, quantity, price, and volume variances for nursing expenses during the month. Briefly explain your answer.

Wal mart tends to have the best retailing systems, the best distribution system, and the best marketing systems of the modern retailers. It also dominates the marketplace for retail sales to a greater extent than any other retailer. What is the source of Wal Mart s ability to capture value in the marketplace?

Employees in a plant in Minnesota are observed to be industrious and very productive. Employees in a similar plant in Southern California are observed to be lazy and unproductive. Discuss how alternative views of human behavior and motivation might suggest different explanations for this observed behavior.

Swanson and Associates presently leases a copy machine under an agreement that calls for a fixed fee each month and a charge for each copy made. Swanson made 7,000 copies and paid a total of $360 in March; the firm paid $280 for 5,000 copies. The company uses the high low method to analyze costs.

DuChien Corporation recently produced and sold 100,000 units. Fixed costs at this level of activity amounted to $50,000; variable costs were $100,000. How much cost would the company anticipate if during the next period it produced and sold 102,000 units?