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Create a summary of this event: Harlem Globe Trotters Comedy Basketball. Harlem Globe Trotters vs St. Augustine Shorts

Basically you should answer the following: a. Provide the basic information about the event: What are the Who, What, When, Why, Where, and How of the event? b. What was successful about this event? What should they keep doing? c. What was unsuccessful about this event? What should they stop doing? d. What could they do to improve the event in the future? What should they start doing?

The courts have not interpreted Title VII to prohibit discrimination against employees based on their sexual orientation. The courts have defined the “sex” to refer only to gender. However, some states and cities prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. From a purely legal perspective, should Title VII be amended to protect people based on sexual orientation? Why or why not?

Hi, I need some assistance answering the following questions:

1. Why do some businesses have separate databases and a data warehouse? Why wouldn’t most businesses have just one large database for all their data, both current and historical?

2. What are the advantages of mobile wireless network over a wired network? How would a mobile wireless network impact a specific company you work for or another company

Can you comment on below? Discussion.

What are the key things that senior management must do to effectively run the business?

Senior management’s role has to do with the big picture. Senior managers are responsible for the decisions that have to do with the company’s directions. Senior managers are responsible for developing policies. They have to guard the company’s culture and they are capable of influencing it. They might make the big decisions, but it’s the employees without those responsibilities that will ensure the success and effectiveness of the major decisions. To effectively run a business, senior managers need to truly understand the business from the bottom up. They might not be in direct contact with the production part of the business, but they need to be familiar with that part to truly understand what the company is capable of. The decisions taken will be implemented by the employees on lower levels of the organizational structure. Senior managers need to make sure that the company and its workforce are able to implement the actions effectively before the decision is made.