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The Self-managing Team Organizational Paradigm (SMTOP) is a leadership and organizational structure that embraces emotional intelligence and individuals’ work preferences. The model was developed with a combination of several existing models (Compound Model) and is a type of hybrid structure. With guiding principles from the Boundaryless Organizational Design, the Simple Structure Organizational Design, and Congregations model, this model is a Communications Paradigm that serves to bring out the best in the organization by investing time up front in exchange for future efficiencies. Explain the model’s design based on the model, its implications for leaders and followers, literature review and gaps, and the ethical considerations.

I just need help with this portion of my assignment.

Provide a scholarly definition of organizational learning

Difference between the notion of organizational learning and that of learning organization? Are we anthropomorphizing organizations when we say they learn?

Explain extent that Google is also a learning organization? How does Google learn? What has your Google learned and through what mechanisms?

The following information has been gathered for a project:
Activity Immediate Predecessor(s) Most Optimistic MostLikely Most Pessimistic
A —- 6 9 12
B —- 4 8 12
C A 5 6 7
D A 3 5 7
E B,D 4 7 10

What is the probability of completing the project given in Question 9 in 23 days, using the critical path?
Select one:
a. greater than 85% but less than or equal to 95%
b. less than or equal to 75%
c. greater than 75% but less than or equal to 85%
d. greater than 95%