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Which one of the following is not a fundamental part of a company’s culture?

the behaviors that define “how we do things around here”
its standards of what is ethically acceptable and what is not
the core values and business principles that management preaches and practices
the company’s strategic vision, strategic intent, and strategy
the legends and stories that people repeat to illustrate and reinforce the company’s core values, beliefs, traditions, and pra

1. List the 5 concepts you are using and give the sociological definition of each and then do the analysis. Please make sure all five terms are correctly defined and identified and described the social occasion. Some concepts you might use:

(A) Norms (Folkways, Mores) (B) Subcultures (C) Argot (D) Ethnocentrism (E) Cultural Relativity (F) Culture Shock (G) Values (H) Beliefs (I) Sanctions

Section 2: (The Amish Lifestyle)

(1) Compare the Amish with ” mainstream American culture” in terms of:

(a) Norms (b) Values (c) Beliefs (d) Symbols (e) Language

(2) Now think about social construction- What is social construction? Would you have a different sense of reality if you came from this heritage compared to “mainstream American”?. In what ways?

(3) Is one more right than the other? Why or why not?

(4) How does your answer portray either ethnocentrism or cultural relativity?

Section 3:

(1) Is culture an all powerful, inevitable force which makes puppets of people? Are we prisoners of our culture? How or how not?

(2) What functions, positive and negative does a culture perform for a society?

(3) If language is so important in keeping a culture together what are the implications of having more than one language?

(4) How has technology, especially communication technology, contributed to cultural diffusion and cultural retention? Give examples.

Deliverable Length: 1-page Word document; 7 PPT slides with in-depth speaker notes

Step #1
Each team member is asked to prepare a 1 page Word document with well developed ideas for enhancing the culture at Green River. This document should include recommendations for (at minimum) 3 ideas for enhancing the culture.

Step #2
As a team you will then prepare a PPT presentation for Kenneth to review. This PPT will contain the ideas the task force has for developing a high performance work culture at Green River. This should contain (at minimum) 5 recommendations and will be built upon the various recommendations (in step #1).

The concept of work culture can be challenging to define. It is often described in such ways as the values, beliefs, and ideas that determine how the company will conduct its business. Examples of culture within some companies include “family friendly,” “go the extra mile for customers,” “24/7,” and “quality comes first.” It is important for the company culture to be maintained. If management, HR policies, or employee performance are working against the culture, this will affect the organization’s ability to remain competitive.

The Human Resource function has a critical role in working with the management team to maintain the culture of an organization. In what ways do you feel Human Resources can ensure that the culture (values, mission, and goals) of a company is maintained? As you consider the various functions of an HR professional, which of those functions will have an impact on the company culture? Why is the partnership with the management team so important to this process?