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Assume you are a sales director who is responsible for the southeastern sales team for a large telecommunications company. You are currently in the process of preparing the sales goals for the coming year for your sales managers and their direct reports.

What are the criteria for effective goals?

What does it mean to align your department goals with the overall organization?

Give an example of an organizational goal and two sales team goals which support it.

What unexpected industry conditions might occur during your sales year?

What are some contingency plans you could put in place in case these conditions occurred?

What would an example of your sales plan look like for the coming year?

Using metrics applicable to your company, develop a 3 month and 5 month Simple Moving Average Forecast. Use at least one year’s data. Explain what you are forecasting and why it is important to your company. For example, with my company, production is seasonal so I need to know how many people to schedule for each month. I could use the data from the previous year to forecast my resources for this year.

Create a transformation plan for the Company BP (British Petroleum). I need help with the following section.

The environmental management plan details the company’s adoption of an EMS that ultimately leads to ISO 14001 certification. This section must include a description of the planning process, an outline of the EMS, ISO 14001 requirements, and a discussion of how the system will be measured.