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Not sure how to complete this task. Need help and direction.

The Wellington Fiber Board Company produces headliners, the fiberglass components that form the inner roof of passenger cars. Of late, they have noticed a growing number of defects in their product. To get a handle on the problem, they have made an analysis of the 50 most recent defects, with results as follows:
Type of Defect Number of Defects

A. Tears in fabric 4
B. Discolored fabric 3
C. Broken fiber board 36
D. Ragged edges 7

? Prepare a Pareto Chart for the defect experience.
? This is a 3 shift operation. 10 of the C type defects occurred on the first shift, 20 on the second, the remainder on third shift. Any conclusions from this data?
? In terms of a Cause and Effect diagram, what may be the functional causes for the problems related to broken fiber boards? Construct a Cause and Effect diagram.

Please answer the following practice questions clearly and comprehensively.

1. Explain why economists focus on REAL GDP as opposed to NOMINAL GDP in tracking the business cycle?

2. What are the FOUR different types of unemployment? Why should you avoid being structurally unemployed?

3. What is the MOST used TOOL by the FED in manipulating interest rates and the money supply?

4. What type of Fiscal Policy is the current Obama administration implementing? Be specific

Refer to this article

Pazzanese, Christina. 2007. To get a train-delay refund, you must click the link. Boston Globe. Boston, Mass.: Oct 21.

The dollar volume involved is not great, but customers remain frustrated and angry. Analyze the reason for the customers? frustration. Refer to the background articles and any other sources (but not wikipedia ? too many inaccuracies). What might cause the problem? Most important: Why do you think so

Double space or single space with double-space between paragraphs. Use business writing: short paragraphs, active voice, and bullets

Do not use long quotes to make your point and do not include long summaries from the case or background sources. Focus on insights and analysis.

Write a one to two page memo comparing using a “normative” model for creating employee surveys versus a participatory staff meeting force field approach for creating employee survey. Be sure to indicate which of the two processes you recommend an organization use.
The two processes to consider are as follows:

?Using “researched” models and “best practices” from academic literature and OD practitioner case studies. This means providing specific questions and definitions based on research that addresses factors such as performance, teamwork, etc. Give 2-3 advantages to this method and 2-3 concerns or potential problems.

?Consider using a massive staff meeting to identify possible questions for the employee questionnaire for what to evaluate. Give 2-3 advantages to this method and 2-3 concerns or potential problems

Be sure your comments take into account issues such as generating valid data, the impact on readiness to change, adding to the capacity and learning of the organization, and implementation concerns (resources and time needed).