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Maintenance and reliability

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Provide a critical review of these two elements.

Assess if maintenance has any impact on overall reliability.
Study and analyze the relationships between reliability and scheduled maintenance.
Discuss how equipment maintenance may influence the success or failure of a manufacturing operation.

Choosing sample sizes for qualitative research

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The impact of wage structure on employment productivity and efficiency in public sector in Nigeria
Problem Statement
The general problem of low wage structure in the public services in Nigeria makes the service unattractive to vibrant individuals who seek to pursue a career to take up employment in public services organisation. This low wage impact on the quality of candidates that are employed, the quality of services they provide, the commitments they put into the job, their professionalism and their psychologywell-being. According to Maslow (2000), when employees need is not met, motivation is low and performance. A Reward system is the instrument used to increase employer to motivate the employees for improved efficiency and productivity. Low-wage in the public sector leads to the problem such as corruption, Nepotism, absenteeism, lateness to work and other frustration, and harmful vices including a decline in productivity Agburu (2012). It is a fact that most public officers demand some form of a “mandatory dash” before providing services that they are paid to do. Because they are not reasonable compensated they become vulnerable to obtaining bribes to argument their salaries. It is every young man’s dream to work in the private sector where wages are reasonably, and life can be maintained while pursuing a career.

This particular problem is that university graduates, professionals and technocrats do not accept to pick up employment in government establishments. When they do, it is a matter of “last resort” and they are not prepared to make any meaningful contribution to either improve the services or to bring about positive change for the larger benefits of the society.

Purpose Statement
The purpose of this proposed qualitative research study is to determine if, and to what extent, the low wage structure affects the quality of candidates employed in public service their productivity, efficiency and their psychology. The study also determines the degree to which low-wage deters the University graduate and other professionals from taking up employment with a government establishment or parastatal. This proposed research study will be carried out by examination of documents, observation of employee behaviors at work and interview of participants in gathering information Creswell (2009). The interview will involve highly placed public officers including the HR director and director’s from other department heads to determine the benchmark for employment. The result of the research will be used to answer the questions posed in the research questions.

Research Questions
1. To what extent the wage rate affects the quality of candidates that are available for selection into public offices?
2. Will increased wages comparable to those existing in the private sector attract university graduates, professionals and technocrats to the public sector?
3. Will increased wages bring about change in attitude and bring about professionalism and improved efficiency in the public sector?

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Preparing BOM and computing gross and net requirements

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14.8 As the production planner for Scott Sampson Products, Inc., you have been given a bill of material for a bracket that is made up of a base, two springs, and four clamps. The base is assembled from one clamp and two housings. Each clamp has one handle and one casting. Each housing has two bearings and one shaft. There is no inventory on hand.
a) Design a product structure nothing the quantities for each item and show the low-level coding.
b) Determine the gross quantities needed of each item if you are to assemble 50 brackets.
c) Complete the net quantities needed if there are 25 of the base and 100 of the clamp in stock.

Performance Parameters of a Waiting Line Model

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Paul Fenster own and manages a chili-dog and soft-drink stand near the Kean U. campus. While Paul can service 30 customers per hour on the average (µ), he gets only 20 customers per (λ). Because Paul could wait on 50% more customers than actually visit his stand, it doesn’t make sense to him that he should have any waiting lines.
Paul hires you to examine the situation and to determine some characteristics of his queue. After looking into the problem, you find it follows the six conditions for a single-server waiting line (as seen in Model A). What are your findings?

Calculations with Poisson and exponential distributions

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Calls arrive at Lynn Ann fish’s hotel switchboard at a rate of 2 per minute. The average time to handle each is 20 seconds. There is only one switchboard operator at the current time. The Poisson and exponential distributions appear to be relevant in this situation.
a) What us the probability that the operator is busy?
b) What is the average time that a customer must wait before reaching the operator?
c) What is the average number of calls waiting to be answered?

Solving LP problem by graphical method

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The Sweet Smell Fertilizer Company markets bags of manure labeled “not less than 60 lb dry weight.” The packaged manure is a combination of compost and sewage wastes. To provide good-quality fertilizer, each bag should contain at least 30 lb of compost but no more than 40 lb of sewage. Each pound of compost costs Sweet Smell $0.05 and each pound of sewage costs $0.04. Use a graphical LP method to determine the least-cost blend of compost and sewage in each bag.

Operations Research and Profit Maximization

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In a particular engineering project team, four design jobs can be performed by any of the five resident experts. The profit generated by each individual resident expert for each design job is presented in the following table:

Resident Experts
Jobs Tom Robert John Albert Chris
1 $ 10,000.00 $ 12,000.00 $ 16,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 14,000.00
2 $ 14,000.00 $ 13,000.00 $ 15,000.00 $ 12,000.00 $ 16,000.00
3 $ 16,000.00 $ 12,000.00 $ 12,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 18,000.00
4 $ 13,000.00 $ 16,000.00 $ 11,000.00 $ 11,000.00 $ 16,000.00

You are required to select resident experts for the available jobs such that the profit generated is maximized by formulating and setting up the appropriate model to find the best solution.

Provide the written formulation in a Word document. (Provide a complete description of the decision variables used along with their units and also label the constraints mentioned in the problem as completely as possible.

The Excel set-up should provide clearly labeled values used for the decision variables, constraints, and objective function.