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Answer the attached questions with at least five sentences each:

? Identify the differences between an internal estimate of company value and an external estimate of corporate value. Does access to managerial accounting data necessarily lead to better corporate value estimates than relying on publicly available information?

? Identify the key issues an analyst should consider when valuing start-up companies. How might an analyst resolve these issues?

? In terms of research and development, purchasing, and advertising, describe how the product compatibility of a corporation’s business units might impact the value of the corporation.

? How might lack of product compatibility affect the realignment of a corporation’s divisions?

? At what point in the incurrence of costs does the allocation of corporate costs lead to misleading results for the firm’s business units? Indicate a few such costs.

? What are some of the corporate advantages in dealing with customers who shop at dot.coms?

? Assume that one of the earlier problems of dot.coms — heavy startup costs involving substantial discontinuities — is to some degree over. How should this impact the valuation process?

? What do you foresee in the future for dot.coms, and what does that imply for changes that must occur from the present time?

1. Why do heuristics and biases play a major role in the success/failure of an IT project? What specific kinds are the most influential factors – in general and for Microsoft?

2. Prepare a summary list of job responsibilities, qualifications, and experience required for Systems Analyst. How do qualifications differ from experience?

How may an entrepreneur determine a business venture’s success? Explain components of conducting a feasibility analysis. What element do you feel is most important? Provide examples to support your rationale.

Why is it important for an entrepreneur to develop a business plan? What key components must be included in a well-written business plan? Identify components you would include in a business plan for a start-up business. Do differences exist between business plans for start-up and existing businesses? If there are, what may be reasons for those differences?

Access stages of managing organizations at this. Describe each stage as it relates to a new small business’s launch. Which stage do you feel is most important to a small business’s success? Why?

The National Standards Movement gained momentum with the publication of A Nation at Risk in 1983, and Goals 2000 continued the debate should the United States have a single set of national education standards for grades K-12. Please help me start a report about these writings and the resutling events.

I need help gathering ideas and writing my final. I only need around 300 words for each of the 3 question blocks. My final paper is a 4500 word paper about starting a construction company.

1. Why is it important for entrepreneurs to define and identify who their customers are? What strategies do entrepreneurs use to determine customer needs and wants? Be specific, using resources, concepts, information and cites from the course text.

2. What are benefits of entrepreneurs conducting market research? Provide examples of market research strategies used in your current business/organization or one with which you are familiar. If you are not sure what they might use, make some educated guesses given the reading and discussions on market research and apply it.

3. Choose a product with which you are familiar and describe strategies an entrepreneur would use when setting the product’s price for retail. What objectives must entrepreneurs try to achieve when setting product prices? What types of things must they consider? Back up your response with information from the text reading, handouts, articles, etc.

4. A brief summary of questions 1-3