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Goodwill Email
PURPOSE: The purpose of this email is to finalize the plan for the USO Metro Mobile support for the 1800 parade personnel on 1 Jan 07. If there are any unanswered concerns, issues, or requirements please email me promptly so we may resolve.
WHO: USO Mobile Metro and USO volunteers
WHAT: Provide food/respite support for about 120 Special Olympic Parade Personnel transitioning through Alexandria, Virginia en route to the rehearsal on the parade route in Washington, D.C.
WHEN: 1 Jan 2007 from 0500-0900
WHERE: Metro mall parking lot.
HOW: Position in Alexandria, VA, between 0400 and 0500 on 1 Jan 07 at the Metro Parking Lot near the Parade route. Provide support for Federal Employee Participants as necessary. Please note this will be one of the first events supported with this new capability
Routine Email

(This was a national event. The first rehearsal was about to be taken underway. After all of the planning was scheduled this email served as a reminder to alert all of the personnel involved.)

1. Please make sure that there are plenty of Handi-Wipes available in lieu of a handwashing facility for the people who are making the food.

2. Please use many sets of ( plastic or metal tongs etc.) instead of reusable utensils. This will preclude the sanitization. The utensils will then be taken back to the military complex.

3. Transport the potentially hazardous food in refrigerated units or use dry ice to keep them cold.

4. Store the food in the refrigerators if dry ice cannot be used.

5. Place a tarp under the grills so as not have grease damage to the parking lot.

6. Provide plenty of trash containers for the disposal of all waste food.

(Routine morale events were planned during the training for several hundred personnel. Since most of the people served as volunteers. This was the guideline used to avoid problems they may encounter.)

Conflict in the workplace is inescapable. However, there are ways to better manage conflict and to help promote a more positive working environment. List a few ways you’d manage conflict at your place of business. Further, what is the difference between compromise and concession? Which of the two do you tend to yield to when faced with conflict, and why?

Please do not copy and paste material from websites. All must be your own wording, no plagiarism. Do not include any references. I originally had 5 questions posted, and have downsized this to 2 questions.

1. Explain in detail how culture and identity influence interpersonal relationships.
2. Describe in detail a situation when verbal or nonverbal behaviors were misinterpreted. What were some emotional responses to the situation?

Describe a workplace conflict at any place of employment. Describe the conflict in detail including:

1. Describe how the conflict arose and how it was handled by the parties involved, such as the employees involved, management, the union, the board of directors and/or anyone else involved in the conflict.

2. Then, describe what, if anything, could have been done differently to resolve the conflict and/or to keep it from arising in the first place.