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When analyzing a job and creating job descriptions individual attributes are important to consider, however if not written correctly or if they disqualify individuals individuals of a protected class this can lead organizations into the courtroom. But there are some jobs that will require special attributes for a job and this is where Bona fide Occupational Qualifications (BFOQ’s) are used.

What position requires a BFOQ? Wearing your HR hat how would you justify this position would require special hiring attributes?

Determining sample-size is important step when planning a statistical study. It is also quite a difficult task since many variables must be considered.

1) In simple terms explain what researchers must go through to select the right sample size for a study. (Be sure to cite and reference the website)

In Yahoo! use the search term “Sample Size Calculator.” Select two calculators you like best.

2) Explain how the calculators work. Test the two calculators using a population, confidence level and confidence interval you select. Discuss the results. (Be sure to cite and reference the website)