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You are the attorney for WABC, a New York City television news outfit, and you are in charge of drafting a non-compete agreement for the new anchorperson Bob Bobswell. Bobswell was born and raised in New York, but educated in California. His most recent job was as an anchorman in Minnesota. Assuming that non-compete agreements are valid in this state, draft a valid non-compete agreement that can be used by the parties should Bobswell part ways with the company. Explain each clause and why it is reasonable under the principles of a successful non-compete agreement.

Bridezilla Wedding Planning issued two checks totaling $150,000 to BabyCakes Bakery for wedding cakes it had purchased. BabyCakes Bakery endorsed the checks over to the law firm of Shark & Shyster as payment for a retainer. BabyCakes Bakery, soon after, collapsed as a business, and Bridezilla Wedding Planning stopped payment on the check because not all of the cakes had been delivered. Shark & Shyster claimed it was a holder in due course and entitled to payment. In the meantime, a local equipment provider claimed its interest in the checks for unpaid bakery equipment. The equipment provider asserted that Shark & Shyster was not a holder in due course because it had not given value for the checks. Is the law firm of Shark & Shyster a holder in due course? Why or why not?

Reference reading is Business Law: Legal Environment, Online Commerce, Business Ethics, and International Issues, 7th ed., by Henry R. Cheeseman (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2010).

Members of Students for Fair Tuition (SFT) decide to protest rising tuition costs at Gigantic State University (GSU) by taking over Dunfee Hall, the location of GSU president Dalton Chandler’s office. As they storm into the reception area of Chandler’s office suite, shouting “Down with fascist tuition increases,” Chandler’s faithful secretary, Prudence Pimply, picks up a phone to call the campus police. Steve Steel, radical leader of the SFT, slaps the
phone knocking it from Prudence’s hand without ever touching her. He then pulls out an amazing lifelike squirt gun and threatens to blow Prudence’s
head off if she so much as moves an inch toward the phone or the door. Prudence collapses in a sobbing heap on her desk. Unfortunately for their
purposes, the students find the only door to Chandler’s third floor office locked from the inside. After a few feeble attempts to break it down, they contend with barricading his door with filing cabinets and singing “We Will Overcome” until the police arrive shortly thereafter. The total time elapsed
from the moment the students entered the building until the police arrive is ten minutes. President Chandler was taking a nap and slept through the
entire incident. Prudence was so upset that she couldn’t return to work for a week, and then only managed to do so under heavy doses of tranquilizers
prescribed by her doctor, Morton Mallard.Write an essay focusing on the following:
- Was a crime committed?
- Was there any negligence involved in this case?
- What laws and rights were violated?
- Who should be held liable for the damages (physical and mental)?
- Discuss the possible tort liability in this incident. Assault, battery, infliction of emotional distress, and false imprisonment all should be explored.

When a contract is negotiated with a vendor for procurement of costly and special products, rather than off-the-shelf products, there can be a lot of negotiations. There will be conflicts that need to be resolved regarding matters such as price and penalties for non-compliance. In such negotiations, the party that has more power has the upper hand. What factors, do you think, determine how much power one party will have over the other in contract negotiations?

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