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Nucor Corporation: The Art of Motivation

1. What does Nucor’s approach to managing its people require of managers?

2. Suggest several ways that a company might encourage its more experienced workers to listen to ideas from newer employees.

3. What might an organization do to preserve its culture among newly hired employees and those who arrive through acquisition?

4. Guaranteed pay at Nucor is considerably lower than that of the industry. Yet Nucor workers earn much more in total compensation than comparable workers in their industry Why?

In 150-250 original APP format with at least one reference: Leaders must ensure that they build and maintain positive relationships with colleagues and subordinates. In addition, positive relationships have been shown to improve motivation of employees. Discuss some techniques for relationship building in an organization. REAL LIFE APPLICATION: Motivation is very important amongst employees in an organization, and many times leadership is involved in helping motivate employees. What are some of the techniques that have been used by leaders to help motivate you to do a good job? Do you think it is up to a leader to motivate you to perform? Why or why not? If you were a leader, what would you do to try to motivate your employees?

How much of the employees drive to complete tasks is due to the managers motivational skills? Should the employees wait to be motivated by their manager or should they already possess a drive to complete work? As an employee, am I not required to finish my tasks regardless of the manager motivation? Is it always up to the manager to motivate me as the employee?

There are many contradictions in today’s work place. Productivity levels are high as have been in generations employee profiles continue to evolve and worldwide competition is greater than it;s ever been. What are some things successful organizations are doing to maintain motivation and morale? what, substantively is the difference between these organizations and less successful one? What are the biggest challenges to successful organizations in maintaining and enhancing motivation and loyalty?