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Companies need to have an effective training program in place to motivate employees to obtain new knowledge and learn any new skills required to effectively complete the duties required for their jobs. An organization must perform an adequate needs assessment and choose the delivery method, face-to-face or online, that best suits their needs and choose the content that best aligns with their business strategy.

The three phases of program design are pre-training, learning event, and post-training. Which one do you think is the most important and why?

Brabham Enterprises manufactures tires for the Formula I motor racing circuit. For August 2012, it budgeted to manufacture and sell 3,000 tires at a variable cost of $74 per tire and total fixed costs of $54,000. The budgeted selling price was $110 per tire. Actual results in August 2012 were 2,800 tires manufactured and sold at a selling price of $112 per tire. The actual total variable costs were $229,600, and the actual total fixed costs were $50,000.

1. Prepare a performance report that uses a flexible budget and a static budget.
2. Comment on the results in requirement 1.

Kindly assist with the following questions:

1. What is the role of leadership within your organization (or one that I know well)? (Give examples of excellent leadership and poor leadership and explain what makes them so).

2. What is your personal philosophy about what it means to be a leader, and how did that philosophy evolve?

One key concept in project management is to learn from previous projects. The Lessons Learned review allows an organization to collect and document the results of both successful and failed projects. Give an overview of a project you were involved with as a leader or team member. Choose three of the project areas listed below and answer one question from each group of questions found in Chapter 12 of your text.

I work at a large property and casualty insurance company and our project is turning into a 6 sigma lean company.

3 Areas with question:

Time: were the schedules realistic?

Quality: Did we confirm to the customers specifications?

Scope: Were the objectives clearly defined?