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1. How does it work?

Once your order is received – it is circulated among our specialized tutors in that particular subject to receive the quickest response to your question. All tutorials are also revised by a second tutor, independently. We run tutorials through our native originality checker before mailing it out to you. Let us use this occasion to ask you to add us to your contact list – if you order : [email protected] so our tutorial-laden mails are not lost to spam.

2. How can I pay?

We accept PAYPAL and all your credit or debit cards (again, via PAYPAL). Simply follow the flow after completing the Step 2 onto paypal’s website. We do not see your payment details – PAYPAL hides it from us. We also wait for eChecks to clear before processing tutorials – so you know now!

3. What kind of questions do you help with?

You may submit academic questions from any grade level, in any subject whatsoever. Just remember you should not submit to us any questions off a test or a proctored exam or something you should be doing yourself without outside assistance. That would be unfair to others in your batch.

4. Whats the typical response time?

You decide! Tutorials due sooner require additional payment – choose the time frame that best suits you. Regular priority, however, gets you your tutorial in 3 to 5 days. But that gets extended to a week or more during high traffic times (semester ends etc.). To ENSURE you get the help you need within the time you have, make sure to order priority (select the desired option while ordering).

5. Is your work customized?

Any tutorials and help you receive is developed from scratch!

6. Who do you hire

A tutor with us has to have an advanced degree in the field he wishes to teach. Most tutors have a graduate degree in their fields.

7. Contact form not working

You can always reach us at support AT Notice the pluralifying ‘s’ :). Okay, that isn’t a word.