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As access to the Internet becomes nearly universal, it makes many potential market segments become more

As access to the Internet becomes nearly universal, it makes many potential market segments become more

1. As access to the Internet becomes nearly universal, it makes many potential market segments become more

A. perceptive. B. reachable. C. substantial. D. identifiable.

2. Marketing researchers (both ethical and not) have found it more and more difficult to get quality information, especially about sensitive topics. Responsible marketers know they must _______ to get reluctant respondents to provide honest information.

A. deconstruct unstructured questions B. assure consumers that their individual responses will be kept confidential
C. use either focus group or in depth interviews D. choose only extroverts and other marketing researchers

3. If a firm has geodemographic and purchasing information about its customers, the firm can effectively use data mining techniques to

A. create new customer surveys. B. understand psychographic motivations. C. quantify unstructured survey question responses using geographic statistical simulations.
D. tailor separate marketing programs for different geodemographic segments.
4. The many incidents of identity theft and scams presented to consumers as market research surveys have made

A. data mining easier. B. consumers more sympathetic to the plight of market researchers. C. government regulations covering market research more flexible. D. it more difficult for market researchers to gain cooperation from respondents.

5. Alex has found that investment real estate buyers and residential real estate buyers both respond positively to his marketing communication message. Alex has identified _______ that respond similarly to his marketing efforts.

A. market segments B. geographic segments C. self concept customers D. mass customization consumers
6. Retail checkout scanning systems create a tremendous amount of purchasing information usually stored in a company s

A. syndicated data service.
B. Web site. C. iPod system. D. data warehouse.

7. The first step in the segmentation process is to

A. clearly articulate the firm s vision or marketing strategy objectives. B. produce a perceptual map. C. clearly articulate the competition s modes and methods in advertising. D. produce a disclosure statement listing the strengths and weaknesses of the firm s past marketing strategies.

8. In the classic example of segmentation strategy, years ago Swift Meat Company transformed turkey meat into Butterball turkeys. In the process, the company

A. avoided the SARS virus. B. differentiated its product. C. created a new class of micromarketing.
D. raised consumers self concepts.
9. For each target market, General Imaging Corporation, a manufacturer of imaging equipment, should engage in positioning, adjusting their marketing mix variables to give customers

A. a psychographic consultation based on value enhanced manufacturing. B. a clear, distinctive, and desirable understanding of their products relative to competing products.
C. a virtual perceptual map of the imaging landscape. D. better Medicaid and Medicare payments.
10. One of the most important factors in creating solid, actionable recommendations is that market researchers must collect, record, analyze, and interpret data in a(n) _______ fashion.

A. systematic B. synchronous rather than asynchronous C. opportunistic D. entrepreneurial