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Intervention means: Choose one answer.

Intervention means: Choose one answer.

Intervention means:

    Choose one answer.
a. valid information only
b. unplanned management manipulations
c. planned actions or events intended to increase effectiveness
d. change activities outside the organization

  Which of the following is not a type of OD intervention outlined in this text?
    Choose one answer.
a. human process interventions
b. human resources management
c. strategic
d. technostructural
e. management style

  Interventions mainly strive to change ___________ an organization
    Choose one answer.
a. the cultural context of
b. specific features of
c. the external environment of
d. the numbers of people in
e. none of the above

  “Human Resources Issues” refers to
    Choose one answer.
a. the personnel practices of the organization
b. the number of organization members in conflict
c. the chain of command
d. none of the above

  Human resources management practitioners mainly focus on
    Choose one answer.
a. structure
b. strategy only
c. people
d. information systems

  Which of the following is a “strategic” issue that might affect an intervention?
    Choose one answer.
a. an impending acquisition
b. an antiquated performance management system
c. a workgroup’s decision making process
d. none of the above

  Key questions to ask when deciding the appropriate intervention method are
    Choose one answer.
a. Have the issues been accurately diagnosed?
b. Are change methods appropriate to the organizational issues identified in diagnosis?
c. Can skills to implement the intervention be transferred to organizational members?
d. A and C
e. A, B, and C