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Language sample project

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Study the language sample provide by a 10-year-old girl at Study her speech patterns and make a list of her uses of the following elements:
• Possessives (his, mine, yours)
• Multiple meaning words (table, swing, left)
• Use of politeness terms (please, thank you)
• Other noticeable speech mannerisms

write a report of your findings from the video you viewed. Informal language elicitation tasks are designed to prompt a child to produce a specific language response. Make a list of the prompts the teacher uses to elicit responses from the student.

Locate three to four articles that give adequate information to assist a classroom teacher with information or activities that would reinforce a child’s language development while in his/her classroom. Include the following information in your paper:
• A description of the recommended procedures.
• Your conclusion about what the information could be used for eliciting appropriate language.
• Outline a plan from your examination of these articles for a balanced language program utilizing best practices.


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What differences and similarities did you find between the two companies?